Dry Suit repairs price guide.

These and many other pockets can be attached to your suits

Replace your worn out boots with Socks

Ankle seals on dry suit “latex” each $72.00
Wrist seals replaced 3mm neoprene each $85.00
Wrist seal latex.Each  $63.00
Heavy duty Latex wrist seals. Each  $85.00
Viking wrist seal ONLY FITTED TO VIKING SUITS $95.00
Wrist seal Manchette each (long tapering latex seals) $89.00
Wrist seal “DUI” brand replaced latex (per wrist) POA
Latex Neck seal (no heavy duty available) $145.00
Neck seal “Neoprene” 3mm $169.00
Convert a seal from latex to Neo or reverse $29.00
Neck seal genuine “DUI” brand replaced POA
Zip on most suits replaced ONLY regular duty $599.95
Boots changed to socks or socks changed to socks $299.00
Replaced Dry-Boots. This must be Quoted for each style Quote
“Tech” Pocket zipped. Fit and supply. (for a mask Etc) $149.00
Fit pocket customer’s has supplied. $79.00
“Tech pocket” 2d concertina Velcro $149.00
Pressure tested approximately 30% of suit. (localised) $50.00
Pressure tested ENTIRE SUIT $90.00
Dry suit leak repairs. ( usually a seam leak or a pin hole) POA
Service Inflate or dump Valve $35.00
Zip service and lube. $39.00
Fit Pee Valve supplied by customer. $59.00
“Pee” valve fit & supply Halcyon low profile balanced $359.00
Braces with clips FIT AND SUPPLY $120.00

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