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Oceansuits sailing Long John
In Melbourne, life on the water takes many varied forms; Personal Water Craft (Jetskis), Recreational Boating, Paddle Craft, Sailing, Kayaking, Water-skiing, Wake-boarding, Biscuiting, Sailboarding, Canoeing, Body-boarding, Kite surfing, Paddle-boarding, Surfing, Windsurfing and more.

At Oceansuits we can offer custom-made neoprene fitting and wetsuit design. In fact, it is what we have been doing for over twenty years and it is all factory direct.

PWC (Personal Water Craft) users are a diverse group of water-loving enthusiasts: from the casual Sunday enthusiast to the competitive Jetskier or super Racer,  all have a common need to keep warm and comfortable. It is best to have a flexible set up so you can peel off layers as it warms up.

Oceansuits  Long Johns are a simple neoprene base to build up layering. Heat loss is less through layers and if the items fit you properly you will be much more comfortable all day. Layering with several neoprene, thermal or lycra pieces is no dearer usually, additionally this layering method allows you to strip off as you would normally on land.

Custom fitting Means: made to your measurements and to your colour preference and gives that extra all-round comfort, especially if you are not “average sized”

What is required for layering is any combination of the following:

  • Long John or Short John usually neoprene 3mm From $99.95 (budget model off rack)
  • A Rashy (Lycra Rashvest), that is long arm vest in a light Lycra fabric. From $39.95
  • Thermal neoprene vest or top, if you feel the cold. From $99.95
  • A thermal 2p warm but non-neoprene top that is ultra stretchy for flexibility. $49.95
  • A wind-chill preventer (Slicker) made of a breathable plastic. From $150.
  • A personal Buoyancy Vest (PFD) from $69.95
  • Good booties made of neoprene up to 5mm. From $69.95
  • Safety glasses for sun UV protection as well as eye protection. (must be “polarised”) Water Safety for eye protection includes hazards like preventing large insects colliding with your Eyes (smashing them or just blinding you at speed). $104.50

Although most stores will sell you a Steamer (One-piece surf suit, long arms and legs) or a spring suit. This is not as good in Melbourne particularly as the climate can change in a few minutes.

Combining warmth and flexibility Long Johns are sleeveless and allow free shoulder/arms movement, with the smooth neoprene skin chest panel reduces wind chill (and heat loss), without restriction, while super soft neoprene knee pads add extra durability to the wetsuit.

Locally-made Long Johns,from $299. made to measure only or cheaper Imported neoprene starts at $99.95

Oceansuits Martin showing various tops
Many types are available chances are one will be perfect.
starting at $99.95.

Many years of feedback our sailing suits, No complaints just compliments.