Wetsuit repairs price guide

Wetsuit Repairs Price Guide
See terms and conditions. RRP INC GST
Ankle or wrist zip fitted to the outside (per zip) each $49.00
Ankle or wrist zip fitted inside inc seals & flaps each $55.00
Face seal fitted in 3mm smoothy $50.00
Knee or elbow replacement in 3mm suits (per pce) $65.00
Knee or elbow replacement, SUPRATEX (per) $75.00
3/4 zip fitted in jacket or long john $80.00
Full zip  removed & replaced in front zip jacket (approx) $110.00
Replace zip slider on existing zipper $39.00
Replace beaver tail and Velcro or clips $79.00
Replace 3mm bum and bum pad in Long Johns SUPRATEX $110.00
Take in per seam (over locked) $33.00
Take in per seam (glued & stitched) $44.00
Let out per insert material (over locked) $51.00
Let out per insert incl. (glued & stitched) $69.00
Re-stitch seams – per run (min 2 runs) $30.00
Re-glue and then re-stitch seams each $46.00
Mini tech pocket, fit to wetsuit $90.00
Waders Fit New Stocking Feet (The pair) $199.00
Hook and loop fasteners – per tab replaced $25.00
Pocket fitted (to suit a slate) $60.00